Jesus said to him, “I am the way, the truth, and the life. No one comes to the Father except through Me. – John 14:6


The Flag Workshop was awesome. The way Debbie explained the colors of the flags and what each color represented and how it lined up to the word of God was wonderful. Now when I go forth in ministry i will wave by banners with power and authority. She is a great teacher may God continue to bless her ministry. – M. Francis

I was truly blessed to be a part of The Way Of the Cross Ministries ‘Flow Like A River’ Flag and Billow Workshop. It was a learning experience to know the purpose of the flags, the meaning of the colors and where it is found in the Word of God. I am recommending this Ministry’s workshops to anyone, beginners or advanced, who is interested in ministering to God’s people with Flags and or Billows. – M. Mayers

The workshop that Debbie did was so powerful every one there was bless. We all knew it was about praise & worshiping God. It was gracious because Jesus Was in the room from the being to the end, we didn’t want to go home, I loved it & will be at the next one. – J. Hutchenson

I truly was blessed and inspired by the workshop and will definitely be at the next one. – D. Prince

Flow like a river flag and billow workshop was awesome and amazing. The atmosphere was charged with the presence of God as Sis Debbie took us down the road of flags and banners. It was such an amazing time that no one wanted to leave. With practical teaching sister Debbie explained in great detail the meaning and purpose of flags and banners and what their color’s represent. You left wanting to know more about worshiping with pageantry props to usher in the presence of God. I can’t wait for round two because I know God is going to exceed what he has already done through this amazing woman of God and the ministry he has entrusted in her hands. Blessings – D. Salik

“The Way of the Cross flags and billows workshop was amazing!  The ministry is a blessing.  I walked into the workshop knowing nothing about billowing but I left feeling very enriched because of the technique and biblical teaching that I received.” M. Hernriquez


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